Meet the Canadian entrepreneur who left the office life behind to live his dreams traveling Asia

Last week I had the chance to interview someone walking a fascinating path through life. Ben is a «digital nomad», which means he can work from his laptop anywhere in the world.  Ben started his career by founding a very reputable marketing agency in Montreal. Even though things were going well, leaving it all behind to live his dream and travel Asia was the best life decision he ever made. In this interview, we find out why:

First things first, why was Asia your first choice?
Was it a good decision?
I’ve always been interested in discovering different cultures, and Asia was a part of the world that was very attractive to me. I also had a friend who completely sold me on the idea, but somehow I already knew deep inside it was meant to be.

Absolutely, it was a great decision! I didn’t know what to expect, but I’ve had so many amazing experiences. I’m not a routine guy who likes to see the same things over and over, so quitting the agency lifestyle was not a very hard choice - the need to travel was always in my mind.

What’s your itinerary so far?
I’ve been in Thaïland for the last few months, and also visited Myanmar for a few days. I’m super excited to be visiting the Philippines at the end of March, because that was on my to-do list since day one! Everyone I met that has been there says it’s the sort of place I would love. I’ve always wanted to try snorkeling, so I’ll be heading to Moalboal in Cebu. I should be arriving around the 30th of March, I can’t wait!

If you are in the Philippines and want to meet Ben, ask him questions about the nomadic lifestyle, show him around and have fun, you can connect with him on Facebook (click here).

How would you describe your personality as a traveler?
Well, I’m a very «positive vibes» kind of guy, and I think that’s why I fit so well with the digital nomad lifestyle. Having this mindset helps me meet other people who enjoy life as much as me and are always up to have a good time!

I enjoy the company of someone who can have a good conversation and has a nice personality, and I’m always looking to make new friends! The great thing about traveling is mingling with people from different cultures, which is always so rewarding.

Other than that, I enjoy fitness, arts, good movies, martial arts and a good party with good food and nice people. I also got into Yoga and meditation lately, and I’m already hooked!

How do you manage working and traveling? Is there any inconvenience with this lifestyle?
You definitely have to be very disciplined and organized. Sometimes it’s hard to go to work when you just want to visit some attraction, chill by the beach or grab drinks with new friends. But things are going very well with my clients, and I find that being abroad actually helps my productivity - every day I feel grateful to be living this lifestyle, which is very motivating. With that being said, I can’t wait to head to Moalboal with one of my old friends at the end of March and we both haven't had vacations in a while!
I don’t see any major inconveniences, other than having to part ways with the people you get to know. Goodbyes is one thing I find hard to cope with, but that’s part of traveling… and as we all say: this is not a ‘goodbye’, but a ‘see you again!’

Are you from Thailand or the Philippines? If you'd like to meet Ben, exchange ideas, learn more about the nomadic lifestyle or show him around and have fun you can connect with him on Facebook (click here)Safe travels Ben!

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