Webagency for SEO and Onlinemarketing

Werbeagentur Köln is a cologne based web agency specializing in online marketing, SEO and design. The company is mainly focuses on SMEs in Germany from various industries and sectors....

Webagency for SEO and Onlinemarketing

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Werbeagentur Köln is a cologne based web agency specializing in online marketing, SEO and design. The company is mainly focuses on SMEs in Germany from various industries and sectors.

Webmarketing for Start Up`s

Especially for business founders, it is important to position oneself well on the Internet and to rank well. Especially in the start-up phase, winning new customers is an important aspect and ensures the survival of the company. Here the agency offers special conditions and starter packages.

Webservice for all indutries and companies
SEO and Internet advertising, however, not only help start-ups conquer new markets and establish a name as a service provider and establish a firm place. This does not only apply to start-ups, but basically also to any company that is in competition with other providers.

Because very few companies are in a seller's market or are monopolists. Both internet marketing and SEO help to reduce distribution costs and make the most of the advertising budget. Online marketing also offers a very special advantage over print advertising, the real-time measurement. This means that all parameters can be adapted dynamically in the current process.

This includes advertising messages in headlines, keywords, URLs as well as prices, image selection and content. Even the web design of a landing page is easy to customize. If necessary, A / B tests can be carried out and the services compared with each other. All this is not possible with classic print advertising as in the yellow pages, billboard advertising or newspaper ads - or only with very large budgets and time lag.

As a professional SEO agency and marketing professional, the agency always considers its customers holistically. That includes all framework conditions in your actual analyzes. Website structure, website performance, editorial content as well as market and competitor information are examined, measured and evaluated in detail.

On the one hand, the data gained serves as a basis for onpage optimization and possibly for a website relaunch. From the available data and the targeted customer goals, however, appropriate marketing strategies are also developed and agreed with the customer in a binding manner. These are u.a. offpage SEO, Google Adwords advertising, banner advertising or social media marketing.

Strategy & Project Tracking:
From this overall strategy, individual measures are then derived and recorded in a marketing

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