MedHalt - Actualising The Potential Of Medical Tourism

Medical tourism is the popular trend of crossing international borders, to seek medical care in a foreign destination, at affordable costs. More than 11 million patients travel abroad each year, to undergo advanced treatments that are unavailable in the home country or only available at lengthy waiting times. 

This travel outside the home country, is made possible due to increasingly liberal visa requirements and insurance portability around the world, along with an increase in demand among patients, for recuperating in exotic foreign locales. Surgeries performed in these state of the art hospitals cost as low as 50-90% of the costs in US. Medical tourism services offered by is making international healthcare increasingly accessible and convenient.

MedHalt uses this reality to their advantage, and enables a large global population, to avail best quality healthcare at exceedingly low prices. The company connects patients to internationally accredited hospitals, facilitates a dialogue between them and ensures complete customer support throughout the duration of the treatment. It is a marketplace for healthcare providers and seekers.

The idea of MedHalt emerged for the founder Udit Verma, through a personal ordeal. As an opportunity in disguise, after suffering from a recurring toothache for 10 days, while waiting for an appointment and finding no reliable help in US doctors, Udit came up with the idea of building a medical tourism company.

The realization that medical travel could be a thriving industry and could help millions in receiving medical care at the necessary time gave way to the emergence of this startup.
Particularly, MedHalt targets hospitals in the South-east Asian market, owing to the availability of advanced medical technology and expertise, along with favourable currency exchange rates in these countries. Countries like Thailand, India, Singapore, Malaysia and Vietnam are the flag bearers of this trend and are featured on MedHalt’s website, apart from 7 others that are listed on the website.

The company, built in August 2015, has partnered with over 50 JCI accredited hospitals till now and is seeing a consistent 75% growth each month, in organic search. Its website allows patients to simply identify the procedure they require and choose a destination for it. They can request a price quote from any of the top hospitals that are presented at the end of their search. It greatly eases the cumbersome task of finding a reliable and safe hospital, by recommending patients the best health care providers across the globe. 

MedHalt also runs a blog that provides customers knowledge on everything that they need to know, about the medical tourism industry. Information on the leading medical destinations, common concerns among patients and health issues, apart from various procedures and their benefits can be accessed at

The blog is constructed in an easy to read format and allows readers to gain valuable facts about the healthcare sector. 
MedHalt has a competitive edge over most other players in this industry as they feature procedures, not only restricted to cosmetic or dental surgery but various other branches of treatment.

This company is steadily making its presence felt in the MTC industry, and is on its way to conquer the south Asian market in the near future. 

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