Airbag AI Crypto Trading Bot for your Non-techy friends

Airbag AI

Crypto Trading Bot for your Non-techy friends...


Airbag is a crypto trading bot that aims to reduce the risk of crypto portfolios by reducing exposure in times of high volatility, leading to improvements in the Sharpe ratio (Return/Risk). It is our objective that our tools are easy to use by non-technical people. We want people to benefit from automation tools even if they cannot easily host their own open source code, build their own backtesting or build a profitable trading strategy on their own (or donĀ“t have time for it).


Our technology is based on neural networks that use different technical and fundamental inputs to produce outputs in the form of expected returns and volatility every time period. We have built our own exchange, backtesting simulation engines and real time data feeds. We run independent trading bots for different assets and strategies, and aim to weigh them on bot covariance to create a portfolio of bot strategies that users benefit from. 




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