Founding of GoodCloudStorage

Keeping your computer data backed up is top priority if you use a computer. If your hard drive crashes and you don't have a backup, you will be sitting in shocked horror and have only yourself to blame. Cloud storage is a business that has been around since 2005. I have seen their some ads for quite some time on television. When I first purchased my netbook computer, it was wonderful and useful until the hard drive failed on me.

I lost all my home works, photos, movies, almost anything that you can do with your computer that time.  

My first reaction was why I am so stupid and not keeping a backup for those. Back then, portable hard drive and Pen drive was the secondary storage and it did its work but not very convenient. You have to really remember to copy and paste all your stuff into it to get it done. That’s when I decided to activate the subscription and download the backup software to my computer. The download process went extremely well and setting up the backup was a breeze. Everything was automatic.

The price for the service was also quite reasonable only because I am only paying $3 per month for the service while signing up for after their trial service. Those were the good things about this online computer backup service. I got obsess with cloud backup and storage and started to test out the services that are available on the market.

That’s when I founded to compile and write about all my finds out and testing.
I found a lot more of Cloud services that I thought was not good enough. Some of the example was like you are only able to back up files that are on your computer's hard drive. If you have an external hard drive that is attached to your computer, like I do, then there is no way that the data from the external drive can be backed up to.  So, I decided not to list out all of my testing but only pick a few that are worth mentioning and recommended.

I want users to skip all the hassle and troubles that they might be running into if they are able to check out my reviews beforehand. The first time you do a backup can take a lot of time. In fact, if you have a lot of data on your computer it will take several days and might even weeks depend on your internet connection and your computer workload.

Most of the cloud provider perform the backup in the background and doesn't seem to impede the operation of your computer. After the initial backup, the software will continue to do backups on any files that are newly added to your computer. 
Be aware that most of the cloud provider do not backed up single file automatically that are larger than 4 GB.

Make sure you check those out too and do a manual backup for them. However, I do not see the importance as there are really seldom files that are so big. 

In the beginning, I made the mistake of signing on the dotted line for a year's subscription before I actually had enough information to make a good decision. I was really looking for an archiving service where my files could be stored safely offsite. It's not a bad service, it's just not what I was looking for and it is limiting. When you sign up for the subscription you can back up one machine. You can purchase additional subscriptions for your other machines, but I didn't see a discounted plan for multiple computers.

That is just me by the way. It just too much silly mistake to be make if you are in the cloud storage for the first time, that’s why I certainly hope that GoodCloudStorage is a reliable review site for all those users who are in need of opinion and decision making.

Anyhow, it would best to know your entire requirement and to check on the supplier side to make sure they fit into your bill before signing up into any cloud provider. 

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