Data Centre Guide

Before an environment can become fully efficient for the intricate needs of a business, several factors must be determined. Some of these include operational excellence, location, resilience, efficiency, security, sustainability, and of course the scalability and flexibility of the design....

Data Centre Guide

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Beeks Group discusses the essential considerations when choosing a datacenter.

1 - Location 
The location of a data center is critical and usually affects both cost and operational efficiencies. However, some base considerations for the data center should also include state-of-the-art power infrastructure, as well as communication infrastructure, and it should be located close to labor and other essential services. In addition to those mentioned, it should also be able to facilitate various elements as needed. 

Positioning should also be suitable for extreme weather conditions or even other disasters such as geopolitical stability or fires. All of these things should be considered before entering a new market. Hence, the ideal location should be chosen based on the case that you intend to deliver. If you're concerned with latency issues, you should aim to position the center as closer to the end-users as possible. 

This ensures that your users will experience a fast, easy, and hassle-free service. If complimentary services are necessary, then you'll need to see to it that you're close to them. So, be sure to choose data centers that are perfectly commingled with the relevant partners. All of these factors and more will make a huge difference.

2 - Operation 
Data centers should be designed to ensure that they operate smoothly while ensuring resilience. Both of these easily contribute to continuity in business. The following are some of the common questions that should be answered when dealing with the infrastructure section: 

  • Are you in a position to successfully meet the governance requirements, the regulatory requirements, and the security requirements? Before using a service provider, it's in your best interest to ensure that providers have a track record of doing so. Customers should also understand that various industries should follow the laws. 
  • Does the provider's technological roadmap match yours? 
  • Are the daily tasks properly managed? When data centers are managed well, this ensures that your data will be safe and secure at all times.  
  • Will you be able to walk away if you had to?This is a common issue with data centers. In most instances, providers are not flexible enough to allow persons to leave when they desire.  
  • Will power and adequate space be provided for customers as needed? 
  • Is the data center design constructed in such a way that it is forward-tinking? * Are energy-efficient measures factored following environmental impacts and cost reduction? 

3 - Sustainability 
More and more businesses are looking into sustainability options. With data centers, this is a key factor that should never be overlooked. Most countries within the EU are not putting regulations and rules to ensure that data centers are more energy efficient. 

Also, when environmental stewardship is followed, they aid data centers to gain more and more customers. One taxi company decided to be completely fossil fuel-free in 2025 which extended their initiative to their service providers. As such, data centers should aim to successfully deliver an experience that is cost-effective, efficient, and high performance. 

However, when possible they should strive to use at least 100 pc renewable energy. Due to the economy's large yet multi-tenant centers, the overall design should be more efficient. All of these are important and should be considered. 

With data centers, innovation is a huge key that forces the industry to depend on it. This just simply means that more and more green innovative ideas are needed. Some of these include natural cooling, fluid dynamics, closed-loop energy recycling, and or course variable frequency drives which are now all being implemented in data centers. So, before choosing a provider, it's a good idea to ensure that your data center provider is looking into new things in the future. 

4 - Security 
With data centers, data security is a huge factor. In recent years, it has become even more critical and important within Europe. However, it should be noted that security goes further than security solutions or even data encryption. With that said, physical security is also a huge deal. 

Data centers should ensure that they always have a 24/7 alarm system as well as business and incident management. However, physical security should also be a must and there must also be multiple barriers and private rooms with extra systems in place.

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