Essential marketing materials to promote your small business startup

Marketing is highly crucial to the success of any small business startup. No matter how unique your product or service is, no one would know about it if you don't get the word out there -- and in the right way.

To do that, there are essential marketing materials you must have when starting out. These materials can boost your credibility, engrave your brand identity in your customer's minds, and create a buzz in your community.

But what are these key materials? Let's dive in.

1. Website
In this digital era, your website is your best marketer. Why? Because that's the best chance you have at explaining all you do, and all your company stands for, and anyone across the globe can see it. Your website is the best way to expand your reach.Notably, not up to 64% of small businesses have a website. And 70-80% of people research a company online before visiting it or making a purchase. So what does that tell you?If you create an optimized website today, you gain a competitive advantage over other small businesses without one. You just successfully increased your chances of making sales.No matter how small you consider your business, it's advisable to get a website ASAP. Ensure it's professionally designed and SEO optimized to have a substantial effect.

2. Business cards
As small and insignificant as they may seem, business cards are a powerful marketing tool. While it may not always be convenient to share your web address with someone you just met, you can offer them your business card. That person may also pass it on to someone else. Therefore, it's something you want to carry with you wherever you go when starting out. But it shouldn't be just another piece of paper the recipient would throw away the moment they leave. That's why you want it to be as eye-catching as can be. At Business Card Labs, you can have your business card customized to your niche or even add a touch of creativity to spark interest in your prospects.Whether you're looking for a QR Code style or Instagram design, let your business card describe your business at a glance.

3. Logo
When you hear McDonald's, what image comes to mind? What about Coca-Cola, Facebook, and Apple? Of course, their logo!Your logo is the face of your business -- its identity. It's how people identify your brand wherever they come across it. Your logo will appear on your website, product, and anything associated with your business for years to come. So this isn't something you want to neglect while starting your business.Being the face of your brand, your logo is one of the most effective marketing tools you can have as a business. But most importantly, you need your logo to stand out and be memorable at a glance. So it has to be professionally designed, simple, but unique -- catchy!

4. Flyers and postcards
Postcards and flyers are an incredible way to improve your local marketing. For example, you can leave a stack of postcards with a business friend (someone in a different line of business) to distribute to their customers. You could also distribute or post flyers in public places.To boost their effectiveness, include a promotional offer in your postcards and flyers and ensure that point stands out.

The bottom line
Every small business enters into a stiff competition the moment it is founded. For such a business to stay afloat, it must put serious effort into its marketing to create awareness and drive traffic.Luckily, the above essential marketing materials are pretty affordable to startup entrepreneurs. So go ahead, create awareness for your brand, and see your business grow.

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