Buttons Organise and share your bookmarks.


Organise and share your bookmarks....


Buttons is a bookmarking tool that introduces innovative ways to save your favourite websites and collaborate with others. It helps you keep your personal bookmarks organised, uncluttered and safe.

Webmarks - Never lose another website.
Transform your bookmarks into webmarks, sort them into groups, add notes, and assign tags. Searching for your bookmarks has never been easier. All your webmarks are stored securely on the cloud, so they are always available, anywhere you are.

Buttons - Do more with your webmarks.
View your bookmarks like you’ve never seen them before! Add webmarks to a button for quick access and to enable the sharing features. You can send multiple websites to anyone by creating one link to a button.

Share Buttons - A new way to collaborate.
Experience a simple, organised way to share and save websites with your family, friends and colleagues. Use shared buttons instead of sending multiple links by chat or email. Add, edit or remove webmarks and receive live updates when someone makes any changes.

Import your existing bookmarks.
Transfer all your browser bookmarks from your computer to your Buttons account using the Import tool. To keep the transition organised, the website descriptions are fetched automatically and any broken links and duplicate bookmarks will be highlighted. You can then browse through all the imported bookmarks and choose which folders and websites you want to save.

Privacy - Keep your bookmarks safe.
Buttons is a web application. This means that all your webmarks and buttons are stored on the cloud, and can be accessed from anywhere you are by signing into your account. If you use a shared computer, you will have personal access to your bookmarks with no one snooping around.

Experience a new and exciting way to browse your bookmarks!






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