6 Inexpensive Ways You Can Promote Your Brand (No Digital Marketing)

In a world where everything seems going the digital way, it would be unusual to opt for any other way to market your business. However, it does not mean that non-digital ways are not effective.

According to a report, conventional marketing techniques like radio ads or TV comms are still effective. About 66% of the buyers say they come to know about a brand through one of the traditional media platforms, including newspapers and TV comms. 

That being said, the above-mentioned conventional marketing methods are still not accessible for small business owners.

They are costly and lack data-backed planning.
 Nonetheless, this article is here to give you some of the best ways you can promote your brand. And, please note, none of these are digital in any way.

Run Newspaper Ads
Still one of the most common and effective methods, newspaper ads can help your brand reach a mass audience in just a few hundred dollars. And how creatively you design your ads would decide the engagement and conversion. So, make sure to take note of easy-to-understand design ideas for creating your newspaper ad.

Bundle Up Offers
Ever been to a supermarket and found bundled products from different brands being sold as a single package? Well, the strategy is one of the easiest ways to leverage the credibility of the bundle partner. Just make sure that you collaborate with a reputed brand to gain that initial push. 

Get Prints And Banners
For both new and existing customers, the easiest way to remember your brand is with the help of print media. You can seek Print Services for creating banners, business cards, and even packaging covers. When your customers come across your print media, again and again, they are more likely to remember your brand and repeat purchases. 

Use Mail Service
Traditional mailers are still a popular thing with small community businesses. You can send your existing customers a thanksgiving gift or a magazine about your business. Or you can even choose to send them exclusive coupons and deals over mail order.

Participate In Local Events
Local business communities often host events for promotional and educational purposes. Notably, these events are a great place to meet people from within your industry. And who knows, you might even find a suitable partner for your brand to co-promote your products and services. 

Sponsor A Local Team
No, this isn't what you think it is. We are not suggesting you spend thousands of dollars straightaway on your local football team. But you can still become a sponsor, and that too without spending a fortune.

Get the local team some shoes or merchandise, and in exchange, you can get your brand name on the field. What better way could be to get your brand before hundreds of eyes by spending only a few hundred dollars.

So, you have the ideas, and you know your budget. What are you waiting for then? Get started with these easy promotion ideas and get your brand before the customers you need so dearly.