Let's talk about Insurance and Investments: interview with the founder of KTS Finance, Ermal Kopani

KTS Finance is one of the best renown insurance and multi-firm financial agency operating in the Brescia area. A story that comes from afar, and which today allows the company to provide protection services in  all the main sectors (auto, accident, pension, savings, home and more). Its founder, Ermal Kopani, who we  recently met for an interview to tell us about the past and future his professional projects which also comes  from afar.  

By presenting KTS Finance we recalled how this project comes from afar… even geographically.  
You're not wrong. I was born in Albania and moved to Italy at the age of 8. I have had always lived in the  province of Brescia, until I found a permanent office in Manerba del Garda. I started work at the age of 18, after having interrupted my accounting studies at the Don Milani Institute in Montichiari, I immediately  began to work in the commercial sector, as a door-to-door salesman for a Brescia company, obtaining good  results. After one year, I found myself managing 10 sales figures online.  

From here on, the first company was not long in coming ...  
Yes, this first commercial experience enriched me in terms of knowledge. At the age of 23, I decided to  open my first company in placing products for asset security, such as money management and surveillance  systems. This experience lasted about a year, with excellent results and a dynamic commercial network  that was made up of about 20 people. 

This leads to the current insurance commitment? 
In 2018 I decided to restart in a sector that has always fascinated me and in which I have always had  great interest. I therefore started the current company, with a commercial network of 15 collaborators, and  close relationships with the largest companies in the financial insurance sector, from Reale Mutua to Generali, from Axa to Unipol. 

Something suggests that the road hasn't ended here, right? 
In recent years, in addition to the more commercial side of the placement of insurance products, I have  always tried to carry out the necessary training aspects and to share them with my collaborators. It is  precisely for this reason, and in order to meet the level of the best, competent and widespread learnings are the key factors. Therefore, I will soon launch an online academy to help all young people interested in  achieving financial freedom in a sustainable way, educating them to structure their own projects and make  those strategies in a concrete and achievable way.

Unfortunately, the training gap in this sector is huge, and too many young people think that there are  secrets and shortcuts to achieve long-lasting success. Not so: only constant commitment and a desire to  improve, day after day, are the key elements of one's success.Another goal on which I decided to focus on renewed commitment is the digitization of insurance - financial  work, focusing a lot on the customer experience: a fundamental factor for increasing the opportunities for  success in this area, and which certainly cannot be missing in the strategies of any activities.

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