Zeliq is an in one sales solution that gives you the most accurate prospect data and making outreach as autopilot as possible. With Zeliq you have all of your sales toolstack placed all in 1 single platform eliminating the need to switch from 1 tool stack to another. We have mapped up the most efficient way for business developer to work, giving you the automation you need starting from finding the right list of prospects, their contact detail & outreaching to them, thanks to AI.

We have implemented AI technology to autogenerate the perfect buyer list. A sales rep should ask for his ideal client and Zeliq will come up with the full list of people he need to talk to and sell more. 

Startup from France


Fast & Smart Command Bar ...


Find out when VIPs ...

Lookchange Infotech

Web Development,Android Apps ...

Formulas HQ

Most accurate Excel/google ...

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