WorkHub AI-driven team communication, collaboration, recognition, and rewards platform.


AI-driven team communication, collaboration, recognition, and rewards platform....

WorkHub is a powerful AI-driven program that offers a suite of communication, collaboration, recognition, and awards tools to enhance the efficiency and productivity of your hybrid workforce. Its products include WorkHub Connect, WorkHub Scheduling, WorkHub eSignature, WorkHub Tasks, and BRAVO.

  • With WorkHub Connect, your team members can easily communicate with each other through voice and video calls, group conversations, and personalized messages. It also offers an integrated team wall where you can view everyone's headshots and enables widget-based communication with external parties.
  • WorkHub Scheduling lets you schedule appointments with ease and convenience, taking into account the availability of all parties involved. It supports various calendar integrations, such as Google and Microsoft.
  • WorkHub eSignature streamlines the document signing process by allowing you to upload and share contracts and other important documents with high-security standards. You can quickly and easily sign these documents without any manual labor.
  • WorkHub Tasks is an AI-driven task management solution that enhances team cooperation and boosts efficiency. Its sophisticated ticketing system makes it easy to handle customer feedback and inquiries.
  • Finally, BRAVO lets you recognize and reward your hard working employees. Every person in your organization can give their colleagues Bravo points, which can be redeemed for thousands of famous brand gifts. This creates a sense of acknowledgment and appreciation among your employees.

-Video Conferencing among employees
-Hybrid Work
-Employee Engagement and Efficiency Platform

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