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The bridge between the online and offline world...

More than 70% of all new B2B sales opportunities stall in the middle to late stages of the sales process due to distrust in the sales person, the lack of quantifiable improvements of the offering and misalignment between decision makers.We developed Welcomy, a B2B web-app management-solution where the sales-, marketing-, and account staff can intelligently manage the "last mile to the customer" by creating web-apps which entail all relevant information for customers in their given sales stage.
Welcomy enables its users to rapidly create customer-centric web-apps that combine all relevant solution such as software solutions, sales- and marketing-relevant files, contact information, presentations and other documents etc. at their respective sales stage. Further, we developed specific, GDPR-compliant tools, such as a lead-collection tool, a digital product & services tool and an automized whitelabeling and translation feature. Overall, out solution can be shared with the target group or specific decision makers via our unique QR-Code or Short-URL sharing features.

Welcomyapp is a multi-tenant cloud software completely hosted on AWS.The following blog post contains more information about the underlying technologieshttps://medium.com/@welcomy_tech/tech-stack-of-a-bootstrapped-startup-3669f2fa864

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