Weggid P2P Local and International Delivery Platform



P2P Local and International Delivery Platform...

United States of America


Earn money on your way to your destination by becoming Weggid's Courier. Your journey will be more worthwhile from now on with Weggid.

You can also become Requester if you want to order lunch or shop something that is not available in your country. A courier will buy on your behalf. You have the power to set the delivery reward fee.

Weggid covers international and even local deliveries. All in one single App.


Weggid utilizes the power of the crowd. More and more people are traveling and commuting every single day and people are more connected via smartphones than ever before. Using the power of the crowd, one can order things from anywhere in the world and have someone deliver it cheaply and fast. One makes a request to have things delivered have the power to set their own delivery fee reward. One can also bid to become couriers if the reward is right for them. 

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