WEEEK Easy Project and Task Management for Teams


Easy Project and Task Management for Teams...


WEEEK is a fast and functional app for running personal and team projects.In the early days we also went through all the deadlocks of poor task management, so we always think about the end user and his problems when working on WEEEK. We create WEEEK to be able to use it ourselves.

Every single day we brainstorm dozens of in-house ideas and communicate with our users to ensure all the main features are the best fit for your individual working process specifics. We report on everything we achieve in the WEEEK weekly patch note (Check it out on Medium).
The list of WEEEK features is constantly growing. Here is what we offer as of this writing:

  • View tasks in a calendar format (for a day, week or month) or use individual boards
  • Different types of tasks (action, call or meeting)
  • Severity levels for prioritization
  • Attaching files to tasks
  • Multistage tasks (up to 6 levels of nesting)
  • Duplication of tasks
  • Comments
  • Two themes: light and dark
  • Automatic scripting on boards
  • Filter by task
  • Pomodoro timer
  • Time tracker
  • Integration into Google Docs, Google Sheets, Figma, Miro and other important services.
  • Task changes history
  • Task progress indicator
  • iOS & Android apps
You could use WEEK for yourself for FREE with limitations on the amount of projects (up to 7 projects) and the internal storage capacity (up to 250 Mb).

You can also leverage it for free in a team, with an additional limit on the number of team members (up to 5 people).

Subscribe for PRO to remove all restrictions.


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