WebGazer We will keep monitoring your websites without rest ????



We will keep monitoring your websites without rest ????...

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WebGazer is a website monitoring service checking your website on a regular basis. It notifies you with instant alerts in case of a problem. That way, you have a piece of mind about the status of your service without manually checking it.You can publish the performance overview of the gazers through WebGazer Status Pages. Status page is simply a gateway to users. Successful companies are now going transparent and removing the wall between users with public announcement pages ????.

  • Publish performance of your system to users for more transparency.
  • Update for any ongoing difficulties on the infrastructure (we know everyone has their servers on fire now and then)
  • Close the gap between your DevOps and audience.
When website monitoring met status pages, it is not clear if it was the users who took the best of it by not eating themselves while thinking “what the heck is going on with this app” or it was the DevOps team getting buried under “are you okay?” emails. And yes, we know these e-mails often do not say “r u ok?” but rather “PUT OUT THAT FIRE, please”IT Crowd Moss on fire
WebGazer status pages are very easy to set up and maintain. You can add a collection of services you monitor with WebGazer on a status page. You can group services in a way that it is the most relevant to your audience groups. It is also possible to publish these pages through custom domains of your choosing.


Gazers are the main component of our service. They are websites (HTTP/HTTPS addresses) you want to monitor. WebGazer starts connecting regularly to the website like a real user after a gazer is set up.

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