Web3 Antivirus AI & human powered extension for safety in Web3

Web3 Antivirus

AI & human powered extension for safety in Web3...

Web3 Antivirus (W3A) is a free open-source Chrome extension designed to help safely operate and collaborate in web3.
Powered by proprietary security audit frameworks, the tool guards users against signing dangerous transactions and dealing with suspicious assets. It shows an overview of potential red flags and technical risks associated with a transaction helping users make informed decisions about whether or not to proceed with it. What’s more, W3A simulates the transaction and displays what happens if it’s approved.

Smart contract analysis. When you’re transacting with smart contracts, Web3 Antivirus analyzes several properties to identify if this transaction is potentially dangerous and shows you the whole picture.

Phishing website detection. W3A helps you browse Web3 securely. We combine our anti-phishing ML engine and block/allow lists from hundreds of sources to stop attacks before they even happen.

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