Visitor Analytics Check all your website stats through a simple & friendly interface!


Visitor Analytics

Check all your website stats through a simple & friendly interface!...



We developed our own tracking system and we are focused on privacy and GDPR. We do not cross track, we do not work with advertisers and all the data belongs to the user.

Here’s what we can do with Visitor Analytics: 
 - View all your complex stats through simple and nice charts and check the colors to always see how's your website performing. 
- Find everything with just a click away. No more Hidden Tabs or Categories. 
- Get each visitor history, referral and path on your site. 
- See the exact traffic coming from affiliate referrals and URL campaigns. 
- Easily see when is your website peaking.


Visitor Analytics gives you real-time data from the moment you add the tracking code. It can be installed on any HTML website, off the shelf website builder platforms and even into your own platform or service via an API.
Visitor Analytics can be used both as a standalone application and a plugin/extension on the following website builder platforms: Wordpress, Wix, Drupal, October CMS & Typo3.

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