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A smarter way to plan and build software...

Startup from United Kingdom

Avion is user story mapping tool for agile teams that helps you plan and build software more effectively by giving you a way to visualise your entire product from the perspective of your users. Perfect for product managers and agile teams that struggle to see the bigger picture

The problem

When building software, development teams typically work with a flat list of user stories (also known as a “product backlog”). However, this common practice has lots of problems:

• A flat product backlog won’t help you identify all the user stories you need when planning your next release
• It becomes very difficult to visualise your whole product and uncover gaps in your plans
• A long list of user stories doesn’t help your team understand exactly what’s going on
• Your design and development teams become misaligned because there isn’t a shared product vision

The solution

Considering the above issues with a flat product backlog, Avion offers a different way to structure your user stories within the context of your key user journeys. This process is called user story mapping and it has many advantages over a traditional flat list of user stories.

With Avion you can:

• Visualise your entire product and its user journeys on a user story map
• Effectively plan future releases and uncover gaps in your plans by identifying dependencies
• Focus on delivering real value to your users by prioritising the right work
• Easily share your release plans and product roadmap with your whole team

For a taster, here's a public share link of an example user story map we made for
Airbnb: https://app.avion.io/share/PTxQeqWqo5Kqjg6iB


Find out a little more about our in-depth integrations with Jira, Azure DevOps, Trello and Slack here: https://www.avion.io/integrations

Finally, if you're still unsure about user story mapping, check out our introduction to it here: https://www.avion.io/what-is-user-story-mapping




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