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When will you be worth $1 million?

Usefirst predicts what wealth you can achieve by different financial management scenarios. Then it helps you make your American dream come true earlier by providing a free personalized financial plan. On top of that, Usefisrt helps you develop good financial habits, cancel unwanted subscriptions and save wisely.


Usefirst can determine the future wealth of a user after following several steps. First, the user connects its bank accounts through Plaid and the app analyzes the transactions and financial behavior to improve the future financial health. To predict the future income of a user, the app forecasts a future inflation rate as well as a net gap-by gender income change rate, a net income-by-age change rate and other indicators. The app also predicts how the assets to liabilities balance will change over time. It includes the financial and non-financial assets and liabilities the users will probably have in the future. Finally, the algorithm predicts thousands of future scenarios regarding how the future net worth of the users will change. However, the app will display only the best-suited three to five possible scenarios.

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