uCalc uCalc - the builder of calculators and forms


uCalc - the builder of calculators and forms...


uCalc - this is an online builder that makes it possible to create your own calculators and forms in the visual mode, or take advantage of the pre-made templates.

There’s a wide range of spheres where the builder can be applied: economy and finance, beauty and health, construction and renovation, tourism, delivery services, online shops, automotive, restaurants, and more.    

The service allows making complicated calculations to provide your customers with the cost of your products and services. You can also collect your customers’ contact data, make order forms and create surveys.

The exclusive features of the builder are: beautiful design, option to use the service for free, possibility to embed a calculator on any website and even share it in social networks.

Is a service that helps you create and maintain calculators to estimate services and delivery costs as well as build booking, review, feedback, and event registration forms. No special knowledge and operational fees are required. You can create a calculator by just dragging the blocks and putting together simple formulas like A+B=C. You are provided with the embed code that needs to be added to a website powered by any platform. The built-in calculator is edited through the service.


The builder has the following benefits:

  • Ready-to-use templates and a collection of elements: a slider, button, drop-down list, checkmarks, contacts collection, date picker, etc.
  • Completed orders notifications are sent to the owner or manager of the website via email or SMS
  • Results with the opportunity to apply a promo code are sent to clients via email or SMS
  • Design customization: background and text colors, fonts and color customization of the elements
  • Display of several results, for example, with and without a discount
  • Recognition of any currency and measure (weight, size, volume, product unit)
  • Option to illustrate every element
  • Widgets on the website automatically adapt for smartphones and tablets




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