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Music discovery and music promotion platform...

Startup from United States of America

Tuneer.net is a discovery, promotion and fan relationship management platform for music, playlists, podcasts and audiobooks. 
Who is Tuneer.net for?
We have partnerships with more than 1000 music artists and content creators. We can help you find the content you like! Whether you just want to find new music, or you're an artist who just released a new music video, album, single - or you have news about your music to share; we’ll help you connect with leaders in the industry. 
Platform for creators
We know how difficult it is to be noticed for a content creator. In order to succeed in promoting yourself online, creators going to have to break through that nearly impenetrable crust of mediocrity; millions of content creators, musicians, labels, artists, and anyone with a keyboard that can post at breakneck speed. Therefore, we created a number of tools, promotion apps and in-depth analytics for Spotify, Soundcloud, Youtube, Mixcloud and 20+ other audio streaming platforms. 
How it exactly works
Would you be interested if I told you that the following benefits are available to you – right now?    
- The platform can help you arrange for some special rewards, like a free download of your song or some exclusive content.
- In return, grow Spotify followers, build fan lists, re-engage with push notifications, email campaigns and messenger notifications which have higher response rate than social media.
- Co-operate with leading music blogs, podcast and playlist curators
Tuneer.net for music fans
Tuneer.net’s music bot for Facebook Messenger, browser and Telegram works on a similar principle to Google Alerts. It tracks the web for trending content you may be interested in and sharing with you. Moreover, it allows you to build smarter playlists based on genres, searches and moods as well as discover lyrics plus the story behind the artist.  


Our main focus is to help creators build deeper relationships with their supporters with the help of smart links, web apps, push notifications, messengers and emails. 




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