Trickle Turn your Screenshot Chaos into Gold


Turn your Screenshot Chaos into Gold...

[What is Trickle]
Trickle is for people who frequently capture screenshots for later use and struggle with managing and finding them from the depths of buried folders.

With Trickle, you can intuitively manage your screenshots as they pile up. You can also extract insights from these images using the reasoning capabilities of GPT-4, turning your screenshots into "visual memos" that are both readable and searchable.

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How Trickle Works]
[1] Uploading Screenshots to Trickle
Simply send your screenshots to Trickle. This helps you declutter your camera roll and prevents your screenshots from accumulating. Give a home to your screenshots, offloading them to one place, and never forget.

[2] AI-Generated Insights
Receive an insightful digest generated by our AI for each uploaded screenshot. Trickle is especially adept at processing text-heavy screenshots, including those unstructured diagrams.

[3] Easy Retrieval and Interaction
Easily browse, search, and query to retrieve your saved screenshots. You can not only instruct the AI to find specific screenshots but also request it to provide additional information or insights.

[What You Can Achieve with Trickle]
✓ Extract insights from screenshots.
✓ Identify and highlight essential info from diagrams.
✓ Digitize your handwritten content.
✓ Easily search your screenshots.
✓ Ask AI about semantic results.
✕ Recognize the landscape or dog pics, etc.
✕ Extract plain text using traditional OCR.

The reasoning abilities of GPT-4

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