The Link Chest Boost your site's ranking with hundreds of easy-to-get backlinks

The Link Chest

Boost your site's ranking with hundreds of easy-to-get backlinks...


The Link Chest is a huge library of backlink opportunities, handed to you on a plate. We scoured the internet for all the easiest to get backlinks and collected them for you all in one place. If you have a new website or an older site that doesn’t have many backlinks, this is perfect for you.

You simply open the Link Chest (it’s software, not an actual pirate chest). ????
Review the backlink opportunity. (✅ or ????)

Then visit the relevant site to go get the link. It’s as simple as that.

But the Link Chest is not just a collection of easy-to-win backlink opportunities. It’s a tool to help you manage your mission as you hunt for them. Within the dedicated web app, you can track your progress as you work your way systemically through the list.

Choose to accept or ignore each backlink opportunity, make notes, and assign tasks to a teammate or VA. To make it dead easy, each entry has a URL that’ll take you to the exact web page you need to visit to get that backlink.

Save yourself days of work (and focus on action)

Here’s the straight-up truth. The Link Chest is not some secret library of backlinks that no one else knows about. Given enough time, you could probably discover all these backlink opportunities yourself, for free.

But the thing is, it wouldn’t be free. Because your time is not free. This would take you a minimum of 3 full days to replicate (if you were efficient; longer if you’re not).

How much are 3 days of your time worth?
Hopefully, a lot more than the cost of the Link Chest.

Lifetime access, free updates

The Link Chest is a work in progress.

It’s already packed with over 328 backlink opportunities (and therefore great value). But I plan to add another 1000+. With free updates for life, you’ll get all these new backlinks.

And because you can add a new backlink opportunity to the library, if it’s not already there, the Link Chest will grow and grow with community input. Put simply: what you buy today is only going to get more and more awesome.



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