Tap My Back Boost your workplace motivation with a simple employee recognition software!


Tap My Back

Boost your workplace motivation with a simple employee recognition software!...



Tap My Back is a peer-to-peer recognition software to boost your team's motivation to a all new level. It gives team members the drive to keep improving their productivity and work performance by rewarding actions that had a positive impact on the team.Tap My Back allows team leaders to customize the experience to better suit the team goals. As the team leader you will also have access to reports and analysis of your team behavior and achievements. Tap My Back also has peer-evaluation features that allows all co-workers to evaluate each others for their recent performance. This evaluation is anonynous and the results are private. If you value employee engagement, team motivation and continuous feedback join now and start giving recognition to your team. We offer a 14-day trial.


Web and mobile app (windows mobile, windows 10, ios, android)

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