Croosing Re-inventing the link, making it superlink


Re-inventing the link, making it superlink...

Croosing is solving a pain as old as the Internet: Controlling the funnel within your own digital assets. Introducing the ground-breaking SUPERLINK technology (patents pending) for autonomous browsing, Croosing enables website owners to ensure clients’ satisfaction and achieve their business objectives - by designing and executing the best scenarios for the clients across the website, from entry point to the destination goal. 

The SUPERLINK allows for website owners to lead clients through multiple web-pages through auto-navigation. Additionally, website owners can highlight information on the webpages to allow clients to focus on important content. The SUPERLINK also allows for website owners to deliver their intended messages and actively communicate throughout the autonomous browsing experience. Within a SUPERLINK, a website owner can custom-tailor personal messages to clients and display them, as well as various emojis and images that allow for effective communication. Throughout the seamless autonomous browsing experience, the SUPERLINK can encourage clients to do actions and assist them along the way.

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