StartupSoft Staff augmentation company that builds teams for Silicon Valley startups


Staff augmentation company that builds teams for Silicon Valley startups...

StartupSoft helps tech startups from Silicon Valley, and other tech hubs across the US and Canada build their offshore and nearshore development teams. It sounds like a software development company, but it’s not. 

At StartupSoft, we help you build your own custom team and fully integrate it with your current one. Within this model, you have complete control over your developers and work directly with them.

We help you hire far not only developers:

  • Software engineers  
  • Data scientists 
  • UX/UI designers 
  • QA engineers 
  • Business analysts 
  • Projects managers 
  • Product managers 
  • Digital marketing managers 
  • SEO managers

All the boring & confusing things and operations are on us:
  • Sourcing, interviewing & recruiting
  • Office scouting, rentals & administration 
  • Cybersecurity & Infrastructure 
  •  Legal, taxes & operations
  • Equipment, tools & software 
  • PR, team retention & happiness

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