Startup Patterns  Bite-sized startup lessons for busy founders.

Startup Patterns

Bite-sized startup lessons for busy founders. ...

Startup Patterns is an iOS app dedicated to provide startup founders and entrepreneurs with the opportunity to learn differently, using the power of micro-learning by getting small pills of knowledge from the best startup books, blogs and talks 3 times a week.

Featured on Product Hunt as one of the most upvoted startups apps. Startup Patterns is designed for people aspiring to dominate startup knowledge, but can barely find time to do it. We give you a competitive edge, learn fast and effortlessly by swiping through curated lessons, once at a time, from the world’s best startup references & authors. 

We curate content from countless startup books, blogs and talks and get you practical takeaways and micro-lessons, delivered straight to your phone three times a week.

Startup Patterns wants to empower entrepreneurs, founders and people involved in the startup scene by:

- Creating the best go-to library of bite-sized startup knowledge

- Gathering a big startup community of startup founders, authors, experts, investors... to bridge the gap between early-stage founders seeking the learning and the experts, gurus & contributors who are seeking an audience and looking to channel their knowledge to other people.

If you enjoy using Startup Patterns, please rate the app! If you have any questions or feature requests we'd love to hear them.

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