Startup Builder Test The Viability Of Your Idea In 2 Weeks

Startup Builder

Test The Viability Of Your Idea In 2 Weeks...

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Course-correcting through failure is costly. Not doing it at all is riskier. It’s an exponential rollercoaster. Nobody is returning your time and money.

What if your idea goes through the validation lifecycle and you can make your first sale in just 2 weeks instead of 6 months? Startup Builder is a comprehensive step-by-step guide to determine if your idea has potential, build your early-stage business, and make your first sale before losing your time and money. Proof of it is that I've made $1K in sales before building it, in just 2 weeks, following the process that you'll find inside.

Follow the 5 validation blocks, learn, execute, check, score and move on. Startup Builder will help you learn, execute, and validate:
- Audience / Market opportunity
- Problem
- Value Proposition + Positioning
- GoToMarket / Channels
- Willingness To Pay / Demand

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