Sporticos - football statistics in the form of infographics.

Sporticos - football statistics in the form of infographics....

Sporticos is an innovative Polish startup which founded seven months ago and provides football infographics for more than 60 leagues from all over the world. The website shows all kinds of football statistics using well-composed infographics and publish more than 1000 new infographics each week! Each game previews, match results, team status & comparisons, league standings represent as free to download infographics, so users can simple share or download any data on related pages. Therefore, Sporticos website is providing these soccer infographics in 8 different languages; English, French, German, Indonasian, Polish, Russian, Spanish and Turkish.
The idea of Sporticos, as an AI for sport content, is to gather and analyze up-to-date football statistics; match previews, stats, facts, betting, weather, social media and fixtures and other related data which can then be displayed in the form of attractive infographics. The goal of that 7 months of new start-up, is to be the number one source of about football while aiming to reach and build partnerships with publishers, soccer sites, forums and blogs.
Using sports infographics could take a post to the next level, like by using profiles of teams or players and even comparisons each other, the visualized content could give to audience the opportunity to have a better idea to analyze forthcoming matches. Therefore, sporticos users can also find many various sources on the website like stats, result predictions, weather conditions, social media fans and many more. Users can easily contact with Sporticos on the contact page of website or via social media accounts.

All football lovers, publishers and bloggers are wellcome to visit the website to check, download or share beautifully designed infographics about football.


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