Spin CRM Probably one of the best sales management system around!


Spin CRM

Probably one of the best sales management system around!...



Spin CRM - sales management system.

* It's easier to manage your sales - manage sales processes and track sales. You can adjust sales processes according to the company's sales process or processes. You can have several sales processes - and not just one!
* Sales in sales pipeline are grouped by stages. This functionality allows your team members to easily and understandably see in which sales stage are sales and helps to prioritize them.
* Spin CRM sales pipeline is fully customizable based on your unique sales process. Create as much sales phases and descriptions as you need, . You can create several different sales processes, for example: for existing customers, for new customers - if you use different sales processes.
* Add sales opportunities to your sales process, plan meetings with contacts without leaving the sales pipeline. Sales pipeline contains visually all the necessary sales-related information, such as: - company name or contact, amount, sales stage, and status of the last time it was communicated and what event is scheduled in the near future.


Mostly: PHP, Mysql, ElasticSearch, Angular, Firebase. More are coming.

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