Software for PM Project management software in-depth reviews to help project managers find the best tool for their needs.


Software for PM

Project management software in-depth reviews to help project managers find the best tool for their needs....

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We started, short for “Software for Project Management”, with a clear goal in mind: to offer project managers the possibility to find the best project management software for their specific needs. We also wanted the process to be simple and straightforward. Based on our experience and research, we’ve noticed that companies and agencies who are looking for project management software have different needs and priorities. Some companies are looking for “all-in-one” solutions, while others are looking for complementary software (or set of features). Software features still remain the deciding factor when choosing a project management solution.  Whatever the case, we realized that, without even knowing, people prioritize features based on their specific needs. There are the “must have” features (you won’t be able to operate without them), the “good to have” features (the ones that bring additional value and will help you manage projects better, and the “bonus” features (something you don’t necessarily need at the moment, but might be useful in the future).


While other similar sites can help you to a certain extent (by offering filters and user reviews), we’ve created an algorithm that will recommend the 3 best solutions available on the market (and in our database) based on how important certain features are for your specific case. Each software has been carefully reviewed by our staff, and you’ll be able to read an in-depth article - that you won’t be able to find anywhere else - about top recommended software.

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