Sociatty The airbnb of conversations


The airbnb of conversations...

Sociatty is a community platform for people to list, explore, and participate in convos about amazing topics from people all over the world. Sociatty works to connect people based on what they know to create a more organic system of information sharing and growth.

Whether it is having a convo about something such as math tutoring or something such as religion, Sociatty works to bring up higher quality conversations for the best prices. People no longer have to settle for people around them, but now have a global platform.

Sociatty changes the way that people learn and share by creating a more global system based on what people know. We believe that the best way to learn and grow is together - as One Society.

We use different groups of proprietary technology to power the creation of topics, listing of topics, profile, and conversations on the platform. Our technology is made to make the user experience as simple as humanly possible. 

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