Socialman is a web app for creating and managing social media giveaways. It is a cross-platform aplication which allows users to post content on Facebook, Twitter, Twitch, Instagram, Pinterest and Youtube.

The app as a concept was influenced by the rise of mobile browsers and the ease of maneuvering simply by touch. Our strategy was to use available social media APIs to give us the best and most user friendly result we wanted to achieve. This was the very process that would allow ultimate simplicity for users when participating in giveaways. We strived to allow users to post about the product/service featured in the giveaway with the least amount of work: no confusion, no extra steps and little to no typing.

The app currently offers a free account, plus two paid subscription plans. Each options has a diffent functionality, which means a different sets of entry options available for your giveways. There are no limits concerning the number of giveaways, participants or websites.

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