Snore Circle The World's Smartest Anti-Snoring Device

Snore Circle

The World's Smartest Anti-Snoring Device...

Snore Circle, the world's first ear-wearable snore stopper, is the latest innovation in audio and bone-conduction technology. Snore Circle provides a simple and useful solution for eliminating unwanted snoring, and it is now available on Indiegogo. VVFLY Electronics Co. Ltd. has created a revolutionary product that utilizes sound recognition and quick sensing technology to halt snoring the moment it begins. Upon recognizing the unwanted sounds, Snore Circle activates its real-time sound and vibration system. The stimulation ranges from light to strong and achieves the effect of immediate snore-stopping — without interrupting sleep. “Snore Circle's innovation helps to improve sleep for people everywhere. And better sleep means better health.” said Snore Circle co-creator Johnson Luo. “We have created a revolutionary product that will finally allow snorers — and their partners — to rest peacefully through the night.” Other anti-snoring products are worn on the wrist, and they send intrusive electric shocks that wake up the user. This is a problem, and Snore Circle offers a solution to that problem. Not only is Snore Circle extremely lightweight, but it fits comfortably on either ear and causes no disturbance to the user’s sleep. Nothing like this currently exists. “Snoring brings a number of issues: a lack of oxygen to the brain, disturbance to others, and even apnea. This is solved with Snore Circle.” said Johnson Luo. “But we didn’t want to stop there. We wanted our users to get the best sleep possible. So, as an added bonus, we’ve included an exclusive mobile app that will work directly with Snore Circle. Using Bluetooth 4.0, the app pairs with the earpiece to collect uninterrupted data on the user’s sleep. Now, you can have the necessary information for sleep optimization right on your mobile phone.” The creators of Snore Circle have decided to premiere their breakthrough product on the crowdfunding platform Indiegogo. The device is currently liste

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