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Description democratises influencer marketing by allowing influencers their own place to sell retailers products. They browse a market place and view the price per sale that a retailer is willing to pay as commission for the sale of that item.They attach different retailers’ products to an image or video of their choosing, generating a unique link/landing page with a fast payment feature.  They can do this 1000’s of times with whatever combination they like creating 1000’s of unique links to sell products with to use across any platform.  The customer clicks this unique link and can check out in the landing page. They do not get redirected to a website. The retailer receives the order, the influencer receives the commission and it all takes place from the unique content/landing page.

Technology integrates with your existing website. Once you connect, your existing inventory can be used to create unique promotions. Your orders will be updated through your website as well as inventory when sales occur, so you don’t have to worry about running out of stock or duplicating inventory.
It becomes one of the first market places to facilitate multi brand checkouts, sales tracking form content and allows influences to decide what products they want to endorse and gives them a space sell different products from without having to worry about holding stock or drop shipping. Customers can checkout products from multiple retailers in just one checkout! become influncers and build/create a new spaces for customers to browse/shop products.

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