SnapHunt Improving user discovery and engagement on Snapchat.


Improving user discovery and engagement on Snapchat....

Startup from United States of America

SnapHunt is a platform designed to help streamline the process of finding and interacting with high quality content on Snapchat. Snapchat itself is a beautifully-designed tool that reduces the digital layers that are found in so many other forms of social media and cause the interaction to feel impersonal. While Snapchat is the most real social media platform, it has one major flaw - finding accounts related to your interests and engaging in conversations with those account holders is difficult. Enter SnapHunt.

With SnapHunt, the average user can quickly and easily search for interests by tags, location, and user name (and real name), to find the content they most want to see. They're able to view examples of the type of content provided by each account, including answers to popular questions. Speaking of questions, users on SnapHunt are encouraged to ask questions of others users in a public forum and up or down vote the questions of others. This ensures that the most important topics/questions rise to the top to be answered in the influencers' snap stories. 

For brands and influential users, SnapHunt provides a platform to increase their social reach by improving their discovery. And with the question and answer interface, influencers can cut through the noise of mass public questions to ensure they provide the type of quality content their followers crave, thus improving their personal connection with their followers.


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