snapblocs Inc. Delivers no-code data platforms in days, not months.

snapblocs Inc.

Delivers no-code data platforms in days, not months....

snapblocs radically reduce the time and effort required to design, build and operate data platform infrastructure. More innovation, less reinvention. Build & Scale well-architectured Data Platforms on Kubernetes, including Microservices on cloud providers with a "ready to go, click-to-deploy" solutions that turn months into days.

snapblocs offers a library of pre-fab Data platform and Microservices, blueprints covering 35+ common data use cases. These blueprints merge multiple best-in-class open-source technologies such as Kafka, Elastic Stack, Dremio, Grafana into ready-to-go solution blocs for deployment on Kubernetes in customer cloud environments.Blueprints can be deployed to customer cloud environment in less than an hour.

A unique concept that snapblocs defines is the delivery of well architectured, self-service data platforms from a catalog of architectural blueprints.

AaaS accelerates the delivery of data platform architecture based on specific business needs by choosing the right architecture from a catalog of proven architecture blueprints.

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