Smart Power Nap Get a perfect length power nap

Smart Power Nap

Get a perfect length power nap...

Startup from United Kingdom

Simple, intelligent alarm clock designed to give you a perfect-length (26-28 minutes) power nap.

Smart Nap will start countdown only when you are really sleeping.

How does it know that you are sleeping?

When you're ready to take a nap, lie down on your bed. Press the 'start' button, and lie your palm on the phone screen. Every two minutes Smart Nap will ask you to tap the screen (which will be confirmed by the cute button sound!).

If you do, that means you're still not fully asleep, so the countdown will be postponed for another 2 minutes.

If you won't tap the screen though, that means you're sleeping and the timer will run, waking you up in 26 minutes (ideal nap time length based on research).


* Perfect Length Power Nap! Smart Nap is pre-set to give you a perfect 26 - 28 minutes nap

* Smart Nap is a no-cables, no-sensors, no-detectors, no-nonsense app. All you need is your touchscreen phone

* Smart Nap is very simple to use, there really is only one button to navigate

* Our built in Smart Nap Lock system prevents you from switching the app off by accident

* You can set the volume of the voice command and button sound, but the alarm sound volume is fixed-set to maximum, because the goal is to wake you up


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