smart fenestra the first and only smart window

smart fenestra

the first and only smart window...

The possibilities for our smart homes are greater than ever, still, as we looked around, we noticed that one item, present in every home, had been overlooked: the window. Bringing the IoT to the home window would help homeowners ventilate their homes, improve the quality of the air, save money on AC use, while at the same time keep their home secure and with added convenience. We took on this challenge 18 months ago, and now, we are proud to present to you the best addition to your smart home: fenestra, the first and only smart window.A well ventilated home, is a comfortable and healthy home; fenestra helps ventilate your home in a sustainable, smart manner. Studies by the EPA show that the air inside our homes can be 10 times dirtier than the air outside.

At the same time, more than 40% of our energy bill is controlled by air conditioning and ventilation. fenestra enables your windows to become an active and smart component of your home ventilation system. fenestra monitors real time weather data and your home temperature, to automatically open and close your home windows, at just the right moments. This allows fresh air from outside to circulate through your home, flushing out stuffy air in the process. 

With fenestra, you can conveniently open and close your windows using any smart device, whether you are home or not, and feel comfortable doing so.
 User interviews revealed that most people feel worried about their windows being open while unsupervised. 

fenestra removes this worry by using motion sensors and monitoring your windows even while open. If at any moment fenestra senses an intruder, it will sound an alarm, close all of your home windows, and notify you with a message to your smart phone.
Imagine the endless possibilities for your windows once enabled by SmartThings and IFTTT. A sudden rain downpour, or a high pollen alert, can trigger all of your windows to close. At the first sing of activity from your jawbone health tracker, your windows can open on those fresh summer mornings. Activate your home security cameras to record whenever fenestra sounds an intruder alarm.

Open your windows whenever your carbon monoxide alarm goes off. These are just a few of the possibilities we currently have in place; what would you add?
The IoT allows us to re-think how everyday items can work to make our lives better. Look around your home and take note of the many ways that SmartThings has improved your life. Look at your home windows, and now re-imagine them with fenestra.

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fenestra uses an ATmega processor and connects to the Internet of Things through the SmartThings platform. It uses Zigbee in order to keep power consumption low and is charged using a solar panel which is placed on any window. Simple

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