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Small bites, great results ...

Startup from United Kingdom

Skillsbite is an AI-driven digital career advisor, which helps jobseekers accelerate their careers. It supports students and jobseekers at every stage of the recruitment process by providing them with a smart ecosystem of automated career service tools.


Why should you use skillsbite?
Get instant results with just one scan  
In a few seconds you will receive a full and comprehensive report on your CV and tips for improving it and increasing your chances on the labour market. 
Get Personalized Feedback on your Resume 
Once you specify your industries, work experience and upload your resume, we will present you with a customised, bespoke feedback. 
Speed up your job search, free up your time 
We know that applying for jobs is time consuming, so we analyzed thousands of job descriptions for you to help identify the most relevant keywords to use and created a suitable resume for your job offer.  
Protect your privacy and personal data  
We value your privacy so much that we take every possible measure to protect and secure your data: secure servers, total transparency and strict policies. We don’t share your resume with anyone. You may request to delete your data from our servers at anytime 
Get equal opportunities  
Skillsbite values equality above all else, we believe that everyone has an equal chance of getting their dream job and only individual skills and qualifications are crucial in this process, which thanks to our solution everyone can increase.   



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