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Startup from Australia

Simul is a version control & collaboration tool for Microsoft Word that makes it easy for multiple people to collaborate on Word documents. Here's how it works: 1. You upload the document to Simul (from your computer or from sources like OneDrive or Sharepoint) and invite people to collaborate 2. Collaborators open the document from Simul in just 1 click, just like they would from a shared drive 3. Each time the document is saved, Simul automatically creates a new version and shows you what changed 4. Repeat until the document is completed. No more emailing documents around or using crazy filenames like 'Contract V27_Dave's Edits' for version control. The benefits of using Simul include: - Instant access to the latest version (no more accidentally editing an old version) - Never overwrite another authors changes - Easily work simultaneously. Simul will automatically detect if two people are working on a document at the same time, save each person's changes separately and provide an automatic way to compare and merge. - Easy to see what each author changed (even if Track Changes wasn't turned on) - See a full history of the document, including what changed, who changed it and when. - Easy to access old content that may have been deleted from the document in previous versions


Angular for front end. Node.js for APIs / web requests. C# for backend workers, document comparison, etc. MongoDB for our database. RabbitMQ for our message queues. Redis for our temporary storage. Azure for all hosting, document storage



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