Simple Tasks The best location-based task manager in the market.

Simple Tasks

The best location-based task manager in the market....

Startup from Slovenia

Did you ever feel like 24 hours are not enough for a day? It is not possible to extend the day to get the everything done and definitely we are not offering you to steal some time from your sleep time or from the time you share with your family and friends. What we can do for you is that to give you a handy and easy tool to organise every step in your life. Managing your time may seem like a simple concept, but who ever has enough hours in a day to get everything done that needs to get done? Not too many of us, that’s for sure but managing and planning your time is the most important step towards becoming more productive. Probably you have more then one task that is repeating every week, or on a specific day of each month. Also you have tasks that involve your team mates, friends or customers, so you want to instantly see all these tasks on your daily/weekly/monthly calendar. We provide you a live calendar that is super simple to use and overview everything. You will be able to check the status of every task with the different colours given to each state. Also you will always know who is late in your team about finishing tasks and who is your most productive employee. SimpleTasks is lot more then a just simple calendar. It’s also a messaging channel, live map and a handy navigation. With just a click you can send messages to your team mates, you can instantly see the locations of your friends and co-workers on a live map and you can use it as a practical navigation to find the shortest route to a meeting point easily. That's all cool but not all. Do you have a tendency to forget or be late to your appointments or meetings? Worry no more, because Simple Tasks is also a helpful reminder, it will notify you via email and SMS timely. Probably you also use other business applications and we have created the powerful API for you, so you will be able to integrate Simple Tasks with them easily and no matter if you are using it on your PC, or on your mobile/tablet device, Simple Tasks is also totally mobile friendly. We built to help and ease your life. You will be able to organise you business and manage your time with the possible easiest way so you will enjoy your spare time without worries. Simple Tasks is a live location-based task management app that allows you to save the daily things, overview and edit them easily and serves you a lot more cool stuff. All those amazing features are completely free for the first users, so don’t miss that chance and take your place immediately.  Join us now


Online tool that you can use as a calendar, a message channel, a map, a navigation and a reminder. Also totally mobile friendly.




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