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Startup from United States of America

SimplData introduces a single platform that combines tools for both business stakeholders and data scientists, resulting in data driven decision making. Our AI technology, equipped with out-of-the-box prediction models, makes predictive analysis easier than ever.

Our platform harnesses the powerful technology of AI and BI, transforming data from all of your sources into easy-to-interpret graphs and plots.You’ll have the ability to comment and interact with the plots and graphs on a totally customizable dashboard. Pick and choose which widgets you want to see and where you want to see them, allowing for an ultimate user-friendly experience.
SimplData gets rid of the need for spreadsheet based reporting, eliminating human error by using real-time, near metrics to record your data for you. Teams can utilize cleaned up data ingested from the data pipeline and focus on algorithm development and creating meaningful insights.

SimplData helps develop a culture of experimentation.


All your data sources, regardless of schema, can be seamlessly integrated onto a single platform. Our platform is a tool for your entire team offering the unique capability of predicting your customer behavior with built-in AI prediction models.




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