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Sezzle solves the problems online merchants face with payment processing today by enabling consumers to easily pay merchants directly from their bank account. PayPal, Braintree, Apple Pay, Android Pay, and most credit and debit cards cost merchants 2.9% + 30c per transaction. For most retailers, processing fees are second only to rental and real estate expenses.

Sezzle has created a new online payment platform that leverages the low-cost ACH payment system, enabling us to charge merchants 1.5% + 15c per transaction, or half the going rate. ACH has historically been used only for large, recurring payments like payroll and mortgages because it was inefficient and cumbersome for consumers. Sezzle’s platform makes paying via ACH fast and easy.

First-time users are asked to login to their bank and create a PIN during sign-up, and once complete, we require only a consumer’s mobile number and PIN to complete a purchase. Consumers are rewarded with 1% cash back on every Sezzle purchase, to incentivize them to switch from other payment methods. And the user experience is much better than PayPal or plastic.


Django, Python, Javascript, MySQL, Android, iOS, Git, Linux, AWS, Slack, Asana

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