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SYUI makes selling online simple. As an Apple product buyback service. The company is geared towards providing a simple and profitable means of selling used iPhones and iPads. Customers can simply select their device on the site, receive a quote, and place an order. Each order receives free shipping in the form of a prepaid shipping kit, or e-mailed Fedex label. Payment is issued within a day of the device arriving at SYUI. This entire process can take less than three days.


SYUI uses a variety of technologies to gain an edge on our competition. Utilizing We have created a much simpler and profitable way for customers to sell online. PHP and JavaScript form the backbone for our service. By combining our technology with custom shipping services, ( we are able to cut processing time to a fraction of that some competitors have. We constantly work to provide a more efficient process. Our reduced labor costs have been critical in our ability to deliver prices higher than any direct competitor.

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