Sametable Manage tasks in spreadsheets


Manage tasks in spreadsheets...

Startup from Malaysia

Sametable is a refreshing alternative to:

  • The all-in-one collaboration tools
  • Always-on work culture
  • Attention-grabbing collaboration tools
The spreadsheet format that we all love plays a prominent role in Sametable. Tasks are clearly laid out in individual rows. With a click on one of the table headers, you can get a pulse on a project by ordering its tasks by status, due date, or priority. It's that simple. The spreadsheet format is then complemented by embracing the venerable 'breadcrumb' UI element, effectively flattening the hierarchy of work organization — Workspace, project, and task. Then invite literally anyone talented outside of your organization by an email to join your workspaces. Finally, enjoy writing details of projects and tasks in Markdown or rich text editor. Markdown are automatically rendered in the same editor(hope that wasn't a horrible idea). With Sametable as your command centre, you won't be working inside an app. Rather, you will be doing your best work with the best domain-specific tools — Come back to Sametable only when you need to. Beyond that, Sametable values and practices technology, design, and principles that have been tested in time and battles, towards a calmer, simpler, and grounded growth, drawing boundaries on itself in the interest of centuries old values in our communities and social psyche.


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