Rift Pay A new way to make payments.


Rift Pay

A new way to make payments....

United States of America


Rift pay is a mobile and web platform that allows people to share money together, make payments together in real time, and split transactions in real time.
With Rift, you can now go to a restaurant and split the bill while paying for the entire cost of the transaction while having your Rift debit card charged only what you paid for your self, the concept is a new way to make payments online that allows you to make payments with a group of people without needing to have the full balance to make the transaction.

Rift also allows you to create groups that have a shared balance in which users can make payments together, you can now split your online streaming services automatically, split your rent, bills and utilities automatically. 
Rift is the new way to make payments online allowing you to make instant payments and transactions with a group of people.


Consumer Financial.

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