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What does "valuable tool" mean to you?

Here at Ricksoft, we believe in tools that are easy to use and help boost your organization's productivity.

As Platinum Solution Partner and Gold Marketplace Partner, we strive to deliver powerful Atlassian add-on products like our WBS Gantt chart and Excel-like issue editor for Jira to help project managers, Jira administrators, and Atlassian users focus on more meaningful work.

We are proud to serve over 3,600+ customers and brands, including Airbus, Canon, Charles Schwab, Costco, Embarcadero Technologies, F-Secure, Fast Retailing (Uniqlo), Google, Honda, and SpaceX.

core-js, Open Graph, Moat, Google Analytics, Linkedin Insight Tag, HTTP/3, Facebook Pixel, Google Ads Conversion Tracking, Microsoft Clarity, MediaElement.js, webpack, Site Kit, WP Rocket, iubenda, Google Tag Manager, jQuery Migrate, AddThis

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