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Startup from United States of America

RevBits Cyber Security Solutions developed advanced security software designed to meet the most challenging threats facing organizations. Our products cover every angle a threat can come from. RevBits Email Security operates in the user’s inbox on the endpoint for the deepest analysis possible. RevBits Endpoint Security and EDR deploy a three-phased analysis on new executable in a secure isolation environment. RevBits Deception Technology deploys real server-based honeypots. The deployed honeypots are contained within dual-layered virtualization, making escape nearly impossible. RevBits Privileged Access Management provides the three most significant access management tools in one product: Privileged Session Management, Key & Secret Management and Certificate Management. RevBits Security Awareness Training allows system administrators to build custom email phishing campaigns to test employee’s capabilities to detect malicious campaigns. Along with advanced security solutions, RevBits offers a full array of professional services: incident management, malware forensic analysis, penetration testing, IoT/hardware/firmware analysis and code analysis.


RevBits’ Cyber Intelligence Platform (C.I.P.), a full product suite, fundamentally transforms the cyber-security market. Single source, “best in class”, with patented methodologies eliminates multiple vendors and related integration and training issues. Cutting-edge modules include RevBits Privileged Access Management, RevBits EndPoint Security, RevBits Email Security, RevBits Deception Technology and RevBits Security Awareness Training.




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